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Do Garden Rooms Add Value to My Home?

Will a Garden Room Add Value to My Home?

If you have ever considered building your own garden room in Ireland, chances are you have asked yourself this question. In theory, the decision to build your own garden room should be an easy one based on the multitude of benefits they offer. However, as with any decision which relates to home improvements, there are a whole array of things that we first must consider. However, when compared to a traditional home extension, garden rooms offer a unique, versatile, and most importantly cost-effective alternative. 

How Much Value Will a Garden Room Add to My Home?

Depending on how you intend to utilize the added space offered by garden rooms, there is potentially endless scope for the value your new room will add to your property. No matter what you require additional space for, investing in your own garden pod is usually the answer. 

The Aurora Garden Room Derry Northern Ireland

Adding Floor Space To Your Home

Who doesn’t want more floor space? Adding a garden room to your home is an excellent way of increasing the floor space available to you, and, with more space comes more value should you decide to sell. If you require more space for a home office, home gym, or even just added space to entertain friends and family, then a garden room is more than likely the perfect solution for you. As well as providing you with extra floor space, a garden pod also provides you with a secluded spot, away from the main house. This is ideal if you are seeking a quiet place to work, away from the hustle and bustle. By creating more space away from your home itself, you also avoid any of the potential complications surrounding planning permission. 

In contrast to a purpose-built kitchen extension or bathroom, the long-term purpose of your new garden room does not have to remain set in stone and has the potential to adapt to your changing needs and interests. This in itself adds additional value to your property as it does not restrict the functionality of your new room.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Another factor which undoubtedly contributes towards the appeal of garden rooms is how unique they are. Despite their ever growing popularity, not everyone has their own garden room. Should you find yourself in a position where you are selling your home, having an adaptable space, detached from the main house will set your property apart from the rest of the pack. Our range of pods is designed with exactly this in mind. The quality of our build ensures that not only will Berko Pod Systems garden rooms provide longevity, but we also guarantee adaptability to meet your changing needs, or indeed the needs of the next inhabitant of your home. Our commitment to quality means that not only will our work provide a beautiful addition to your home, but one which will stand the test of time as a unique, lasting home improvement.

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